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We live in a time where the markers for success are misleading. The external environment offers more potent stimulation now more than ever with our ability to gather information and participate in social media forums. The anxiety to achieve is high.


The depression when we cannot achieve is high. Our disconnection from what is right in front of us is high. All this points to an epidemic of people that are disconnected from themselves emotionally living in the shadows of what everyone else is doing with their lives.


The need to inspire and help young people find themselves and their purpose in life is great. As the demands on this population grow with social media and environmental pressures, young people can become more lost than their parents were as adolescents. Helping parents understand how to identify and help their teenage and young adult children reconnect with their passions is imperative. Helping young people find their identity and confidence creates emotional connectivity; enriching their own lives and the lives of the people around them. 

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